Artist Feature: James Lauder


Within the creative community of Vancouver, there are many artists that stand out to me. There is such a saturation of art coming out of this city that it is sometimes easy to forget how lucky I am to live here. I first saw James Lauder’s work on instagram. I followed mutual friends which lead me to him and I was immediately taken with his bold lines, classic allusion and queer narrative. And ever since seeing his work, I have been craving a bound up boi on some part of my body.

James was born in the UK, and raised in Canada. He is primarily a self-taught artist with a background in design and education. His practice ranges from 3 dimensional light pieces to drawing, multimedia, screen printing and tattooing. James is co-founder of Homebody, a queer focused tattoo studio in Vancouver Canada.


I contacted James for this feature because I thought that his work speaks loudly on what The Flannel Mag is about. Also, his subject matter is often playful and kinky in nature and International Fetish Day is upon us (Friday Jan 18)!

  1. What themes do you like to touch on in your art?

    Within my own practice as a queer artist, my focus has been creating images that explore identity and gender as a construct. Switching stereotypical roles, and playing with whatever society sees as the line between masculine and feminine. Lately I’m enjoying making images of men being vulnerable, both physically and emotionally.

  2. How did you establish your unique style and who are your influences?

    It’s hard to say. I think everyone has a certain way of seeing and reflecting the world around them. Some people are comfortable with sharing that viewpoint other people aren’t. I guess over time I just got more comfortable with expressing my viewpoint and spent less time fighting it or trying to mold it something else. The style, the way I make lines or the tools I use might change over time but I think the core is always there.

    As for influences I have a few constants but they’re always changing: Keith Haring, Miranda July, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom of Finland, Patrick Nagel, Abbas Akhavan, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Mike Giant, Jim Henson, Rick Baker. I watch a lot of movies + other video content :)

  3. What does kink mean to you?

    Kink is being comfortable with who you are and what you like.

  4. What are some of your enthusiastic green lights and hard red lights within your own kink practice?

    I’m more of a private person as I put a lot of it into my artwork ;) 

    Let's just say I usually like to call the shots but I can give control over to the right person.

You can find more of James’s work on Instagram @mrlauder or on his site


Wren Thompson (Art Editor) is a queer visual artist, musician and writer living in Vancouver, CA. Their work focuses heavily on kink, gender studies, intersectional feminism and tattoo culture. Check out some of their visual work here and their current musical project here.